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Where Gravity Drainage cannot be achieved the option is either to install a Septic Tank a Treatment Plant or, if a Mains Sewer or Gravity Manhole is available and within reach, install a Pump Station to ‘lift’ the waste water. 

British and European Standard BSEN 12050 (copy available on request) has been developed for Pumped Drainage and this standard forms part of the requirement of Building Regulation, part ‘H’ of 2000 (copy available upon request). WWS - Water Services only manufacture, specify and supply systems that comply with BSEN 12050 and meet the calculated requirement of each individual site. This way we ensure Performance and Reliability. 

OUR CHAMBERS: Warranty 25 years                                                                                           

We manufacture using our range of Poly Chambers or we specify Concrete ‘ring’ chambers – AutoCad or pdf drawings available.                                    

With a range of 72 Pumped Drainage Chambers we ensure that every Chamber specified is calculated to meet the site storage capacity required by Building Regulations.  

PUMPS: Warranty 2 years

The Pumps we specify are usually submersible pumps calculated to pump the correct Total Dynamic Head (TDH) and flow rate for the site.  

Our Pumps are rugged, robust and reliable and have changed little in the last 16 years. Failure rate in that time has been 0.1% which is why we stick with this proven range. 


Each system incorporates non-return and where applicable isolation valves to ensure that ‘Backflow’ never occurs and servicing is simplified. 

PUMP CONTROLS: Warranty 2 years

In larger systems we either use Float Switches or Probes to control our Single or Twin Pump systems via Control Panels. Our systems are supplied with a standard high level audible Alarm to provide an alert if the water rises above a pre-set level or a pump failure is experienced.


 GSM TELEMETRY ALARM: Warranty 2 years  

Our GSM Telemetry Alarm monitors not only chamber level but also Mains Power and provides remote notification in the event of a problem. It is programmed to notify remotely the system and integrity on a daily basis. In the event of mains power failure the internal power back up ensures the WWS GSM Alert system continues to fully function.   

When we design and supply a system Technical support is free for 12 months at no cost. An Annual Pump and System Maintenance Contract with Emergency Call-Out and remote GSM monitoring service is offered.

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